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How I am changing my morning routine to be 1% better every day
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How I am changing my morning routine to be 1% better every day

How to build new habits
How I am changing my morning routine to be 1% better every day

Have you ever struggled with your bad habits? Or maybe could not start a new healthy habit?

This week, instead of discovering the new technologies, I want to write about my journey of building sustainable habits.

Personally, my biggest struggle is starting exercising and eating healthy every day.

I've tried thinking slow and concentrating on 2nd level outcomes as advised in Principles and Thinking Fast and Slow books, but these habits just don't stick to me.

This week I've decided to approach this problem from another angle. Instead of forcing myself to think every time about 2nd level outcomes, I will be creating an environment where the desired habits are easy to do and have a reward.

Change the morning routine!

I've realized that I don't have time to do exercises. So, my schedule should be adjusted accordingly and exercising will be in the morning.

To do so, I've started with changing my morning routine:

  • Step 1: write down my morning schedule
  • Step 2: mark each activity as positive, negative or neutral
  • Step 3: remove all negative ones: checking notifications and messages on my phone, scrolling through social media, bathing.
  • Step 4: Add the desired habits: a glass of water after waking up, exercising, reading books, articles, meditation.
My new morning routine

Change my evening routine to reinforce mornings!

Some morning routines require preparation. To make them easier and reinforce new habits I needed to adjust my evening routine in the same way.

My new evening routine

As you can see, I will be checking my bicycle and do the some preparations: keys, water and clothes in advance.

Next steps

Additionally, I am planning to stop using my phone near the bed and will be charging it in another room. Also, decided to use natural light wake up alarm to replace the phone alarm.

Finally, my spouse came up with an idea to do planking or burpees during the TV show intros to reduce our binge-watching OR get in shape faster!

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