Unbundling YCombinator Enterprise Requests for Startups


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YC RFS: YCombinator just published their Request For Startups (https://www.ycombinator.com/rfs) and it’s been all around the news.

Here I would like to focus on the areas that could be the most relevant to Peakflo (YC W22):

🏬 New enterprise resource planning

By our group partner Dalton Caldwell

Same old problem: The world still needs new ERP that users don’t hate.

🤖 LLMs for Manual Back Office Processes in Legacy Enterprises

Invisible tasks that are too uncertain too automate.

Examples in finance might be:

  • Expenses: Generating expense request paperwork

  • Procurement: Assessing and negotiating Request for Quotations

  • Contract management: Assessing contracts and verifying it against the payments.

🧩 A.I. to Build Enterprise Software

Instead of long sales cycles and implementation to customise a B2B SaaS for the customer, what if you just allow customers to change the finance software by themselves using AI?

🔗 Better Enterprise Glue

All legacy systems are not designed for better integrations. Can AI help in building quick custom integrations? Can it generate code and map together multiple systems? Examples: Describe a file format and AI will map it to the objects, then you can upload the files into the folder or an SFTP. Feed AI the API documentation and let it connect to that external system and map the fields.

There are few other interesting areas which I have less experience in:

NEW SPACE COMPANIES: 10x cheaper to send 1 kg to space, you can launch a sattelite on seed funding. Massive opportunity!

STABLECOIN FINANCE: it solves huge problems, but still haven't found adoption. massive opportunity once it hits!

CLIMATE TECH: massive financial opportunity, recent legislations will propel the climate startups 10x

A WAY TO END CANCER: no description needed

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